Club Timeline Calendar
G.S.S.S.C. Timeline

JULY - Fiscal year starts; Obedience & Rally Trial; NO general meeting.  C

AUGUST - New Board takes office at general meeting; Awards
person picked.  Dues to be paid for ASSA membership

SEPTEMBER - Monthly Meeting

OCTOBER - Choose location for Christmas Party

NOVEMBER - Monthly Meeting, Agility Trial

DECEMBER - Christmas Party; Vote for MVM (most valuable
member); NO general meeting

JANUARY - MVM Revealed at general meeting

FEBRUARY - Submit your suggestions for our specialty judges to
    the Vice-President (in writing).

MARCH - Board selects nominating committee; Board reviews
     judges list from members and ASSA list.

APRIL - Choose show chairs for next year, nominating committee makes selections for board/officer positions.  Selection for Speciality judges.

MAY - Nominations accepted from the floor at general meeting; 
Club conformation show

JUNE - Election of officers and board members. Agility Trial

For questions/comments please feel free to 
contact our club President -- Laura Johnson