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From time to time a sheltie will find itself in a shelter or just in need of a new home.  There can be a varity of reasons why this occurs.  The most common being a lack of time.  Shelties are an adaptable breed but they do take time for socializing, training and just plain play.  Shelties DO NOT make good outside (on a permanent basis) dogs.  Their greatest joy in life is to be part of the family.  Shelties do have one very common and potential problem-causing trait -- they were bred to bark.  There is a very easy, safe way to help with this and that is called "de-barking".  "De-barking" is a surgical procedure (it takes about 3-5 minutes) that softens a dogs bark. The dog still feels that its needs are being expressed, but people around them don't hear it at full volume.

If you are interested in adding a sheltie to your family, consider adoption.  Shelties are a highly intelligent dog and seem to know that they have been given a second chance. Before you adopt your new family member -- ask yourself the following questions:

*** what to I want a dog for?
***do I have the time to devote to my new friend?
***do I need a dog good with active kids?
***do I have a way/place to exercise and interact with my dog?
***is my house dog friendly?
***am I prepared to pay vet expenses (vaccinations, emergencies, older age issues)?
***am I prepared to do the necessary grooming? (nail trimming, brushing, bathing)

The most important thing to consider before acquiring a dog is, what do I want the dog to do?  Adopting a sheltie is a 10-14 year commitment.  This new friend will be there through good and bad times, good and bad days....are you prepared to give the same to your new dog?
If you are interested in being on our waiting list, please take a moment to review our "Terms of Adoption" & fill out the application. 

Completed application should be mailed to Linda Barenz @ 
2117 S. Glenn Rd., Spokane Valley, WA  99206

If you have questions, contact Linda Barena @ 509-928-8647 (best choice) or windsong6@comcast.net

Terms of Adoption
Adoption Application
Donations accepted for adoptions -- all funds go to support our rescue efforts
Our Rescue connections are forever changing ... faster than this web master can keep up.

If you are interested in a rescue sheltie .. contact Linda OR mail her an application with the terms of adoption and she will contact you when a sheltie becomes available.

Below are some more of our GSSSC Rescue Placements

We currently have no shelties for adoption. However that can change at a moments notice.

At time we also have adult shelties, being retired from show homes, that are looking to become part of a family

Contact Linda Barenz for additional information
Below are some of our GSSSC Rescue Placements